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Last three days have been crazy running around but I will update tonight…I promise!  Next posting, click the tab at the top of the screen.


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Touring Tel Aviv

Decisions, Decisions

After a typical Israeli breakfast at the hotel (a meal that is intended to last for the entire day!!) we met our guide, Inon, and set off for a very full day of touring.  We began at Independence Hall where the establishment of the State of Israel was declared on May 14, 1948.  It was a very moving presentation which ended with a recording of Ben Gurion’s famous speech followed by the singing of Ha Tikvah. 

The next stop took us to Yad Mordechai, a kibbutz named for Mordechai Anilevitz, the 23 year old leader of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.  Yad Mordechai is the site of the battlefield where 55 Israeli fighters held off an attack by the Egyptians just days after the declaration of Israel’s independence.  

Next onto the Ayalon Institute, a fascinating underground munitions factory, where 45 young freedom fighters worked in secret for three years, to produce ammunition for the Hagganah.  Hidden underground beneath the bakery and the laundry of the kibbutz, this idealistic group managed to survive this dangerous work in order to produce and test thousands of bullets which were then smuggled out and supplied to the the underground movement prior to 1948. 

The last stop of the day took us to the “Mini-Israel,” a new thirteen acre park with miniature models of the important sites throughout Israel.  Although a bit “kitschy,” it was nonetheless entertaining to be able to walk the entire State of Israel in about 45 minutes and to be able to see everything from David’s Citadel to Masada to Eilat!  The models were remarkably true to life and gave an accurate representation of the scope of Israel’s important historic and religious sites.

The jet-lag kicked in late this afternoon but after a light supper and a little walk around the hotel, so did the second wind!  Tomorrow will be another very full day so it’s Lailah Tov for now!

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